Sunday, 6 February 2011

The dreaded conversation...

No, not that one. THIS one.

Primark faux leather shoes 
The one about shoes.

It came up in conversation the other day, between me and my better half, the dreaded question that no self-respecting fashion-obsessed girl wants to hear:

"So, how many pairs of shoes do you actually own?"

To which my mind went into overdrive and I sat back in my confidence knowing that I don't have that many pairs of shoes. There are others in this world who have more than me. After all, I don't count Wellies, or flip flops that are on their way out. Thinking back to all the shoes I had given to charity or mercifully deposited in the bottom of waste bin because they stunk so badly they could have caused a whole military battalion to pass out I remembered my history of shoes, and that some of them had bit the dust.

So I said, "I can count on one, no, two hands how many pairs of shoes I have:

1. My brown leather gladiator sandals
2. my black Nikes for running (so I don't really count those)
3. My pink Peter Storm trainers for taking out the trash (again, I don't count those)
4. My Wellies (they don't count either)
5. My Ugg-like tan woolen boots
6. My calf-length Faith boots from a market stall in Sheffield
7. My Primark calf-length faux leather boots (Faith boots stunt doubles in case of inclement weather, as they look very similar, hence they don't count)
8. My beautiful black calf-length leather Lulu Guinness boots, for special occasions only
9. My grey faux leather Primark flat shoes, as pictured, as seen in this post
 10. My vintage strappy heels, for my friend's upcoming April wedding.
11. If you want to count my old flip flops that are about to fall apart, go ahead, but I don't see the necessity.

To which he said, "You have eleven pairs of shoes. I just want it to go on record. Eleven."

"Well the only ones that really count are six pairs. So really six is my answer. Take it or leave it."

"Unlike me, I only have three."

Three pairs of shoes? Three? How can a person survive on only three? Oh yeah, I know why - because my better half has only three different occasions to dress for: Work (Caterpillar work boots, albeit nice), running/going grocery shopping/post office/yard work/plain trips/visiting relatives (trainers), and camping (hiking boots).

Ah well, each to his own.

The conversation was quite painless, surprisingly. I am really looking forward to wearing these strappy heels to my friend's wedding. Bluebell Wood Charity Shop, £2.99 bargain! I just hope I'll be doing a lot of sitting down. But aren't they great?

Vintage strappy shoes

In other news, I am currently reading Steig Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which is Volume I in the Millenium Trilogy. So far it is extremely, extremely good.

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  1. Hey hey now that's a lot of shoes! I have way less than you! :)

    1. Nike Shocks/shox? Comfy but I use them for work, because they're black.
    2. Nike something or other - blue and brown - nicer. :)
    3. Grey Crocs - Clint finds them horrid but they're absolutely the most comfortable shoes I own.
    4. 1/2" flats or something. I need to donate those as they're too big.
    5. Black flats - also too big.