Sunday, 8 April 2012

The EDF Energy Commercial Frenzy

Join it!

Why can't all TV ads be this cute/fun/dancy/uplifting?

And what is this? A dancing turd? If it is, I'm fine with that.

This little thing... if it gets marketed in shops, and if it costs £1 or less, I would buy it.

If it attaches by USB cable to a computer and dances when music comes on, for almost any price £10 or less, I would buy it.

It would be a lovely conversation piece, or great for Show and Tell at work! If only I could get Show and Tell started up at work.

If nothing else, maybe this TV ad will increase downloads of Human League's "Together in Electric Dreams."

Or, perhaps, it just might, in round-the-houses way, get us using energy in a efficient and planet-friendly way.

Let's watch that one again!

*Do, Do Do Doooooooooo*

Happy Sunday everybody, and also: Happy Easter!

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