Monday, 16 December 2013

Happy Monday!

Reading: Stephen King's Desperation (still not cracked open for at least three weeks)
Listening to: the steady breathing of my wee little babby
Outside: Hmm not sure...cloudy?

Well, Christmas time is upon us.


It's a time of lights and trees and cookies and booze.

I am, in fact, enjoying a small glass of white zinfandel and some delicious Mexican Wedding Cakes (the latter sent all the way from my childhood home in Central Indiana). Thanks, loving parents!

As I watch my wee little babby get ready to get hungry, with the Christmas tree glowing softly in the background, I am reminded of how lucky I am.

Yes, I don't have a literary agent (yet). Yes, I desperately (and I mean desperately) need a haircut. Yes, I haven't been outside in the past few days except to visit town - Starbucks and my local office where I left merely four weeks ago for maternity leave. Oh yes, the sinking ship Blockbuster was also on our visiting list... my baby's first and last visit to the once thriving film rental shop-turned-rummage sale. Gattaca for only 90 pence? You betcha!

But this holiday season, even with the lack of sleep and the erratic feeding schedule and the wealth of laundry, I count myself lucky. I have a wee little babby - she smells sweet and makes little sounds of contentment against my collarbone that make me melt - and I have a husband who is such an immense help I wouldn't know what I'd do without him. I have a beautiful Christmas tree that provides entertainment for our wee little babby. I am surrounded by friends and family (both near and far) who love me and my little family.

Also, I have a huge Christmasy container of Mexican Wedding Cakes sitting right next to me.

So, while I count down the days until Santa arrives, I sit back and enjoy yet another Monday, and another full day with my little one. Christmas songs on Viva, and we bounce around the living room.

Little Babby - someday you will understand the magic of Christmas.
Happy Monday, everybody!

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