Monday, 6 January 2014

Husband back to work: Day 1

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Well, here we are: Happy 2014!

Once again I am guilty of neglecting this precious little blog. Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Years Day all came and went in a blur, like the passing of years you don't remember. Quick hugs from family members and a steady stream of exhaustion and frequent clothing changes (baby spit-up. Yes.) seem to have taken over my holiday season. Lots of cups of decaf coffee. The surprise of presents - delivered both in person and by post - for my little baby made our Christmas busy, plentiful and very, very special.

A very confused wee little babby
And here we are in a brand new year! My oh my, 2013 was crazy and went by in a flash.

So here I am, alone with our little girl, while my husband is at work. I'm not sure who has a harder day, him or me! Fortunately my little madam is being very good today (perhaps she is showing mercy) and I have had quite an easy time of it. The laundry continues to pile up but hey, baby is fed, changed and sweet, and that is what matters the most.

So while she sleeps, here are the...

Top Ten Moments of 2013:

10. Meeting writer Claire King in Ripon at her book signing for The Night Rainbow. Coincidentally, that day was also my very first day of pregnancy, unbeknownst to me.
9. Getting lots of literary agent interest for a couple of my different books. No takers just yet, but I must be doing something right. Someday, folks, someday.
9.  Counting down the days until maternity leave. A serious, breathless joy.
8. Ordering teeny tiny little baby clothes on Ebay, for just-in-case. I never knew clothes could be so small. (Or how quickly they'd be grown out of!)
7. Singing songs to my baby as she grew in my womb. She now watches me intensely when I sing those same songs.
6. Giving the We're Expecting news to our family and friends. The fact that we are going to be parents rippled for thousands of miles around the globe.

First kiss
5. Taking loads (and loads!) of pictures of my husband and my baby together. They have the same nose.

Well hello there!
4. Learning to lose myself in time, and to live in the moment. The only time we have is now.
3. Celebrating our first year of marriage on October 19th. Dear Husband, I love you!
2. Lifting my baby out of the water the moment she was born. A water birth was everything I thought it would be and more. It was over! Now, everything was just beginning.
1. Holding my baby up against my chest, rubbing out her gassy tummy, her milk-breath soft against my throat and her sighing a little sound so sweet it makes my heart dissolve. I can feel it bubble away like it could just disappear.

On that note, I do believe it is now feeding time! Better get going.

Have a fabulous Monday, everybody, and here is wishing each and every one of you the very best in 2014.

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  1. 2013 waa definitely a good year and 2014 can only get better as we watch baby Lena grow and her parents become more and more secure in the knowledge that their parenting skills are growing along with their daughter. X