Sunday, 8 July 2012

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Found on this very interesting blog.

Yesterday evening, our neighbour was hanging over our back fence taking pictures of our back garden.  As I was locking the front door on my way out, I heard the steady shutter sounds and clicks that sound so much like a bird. Then I met my better half at his car and got in. He said our teenage-boy neighbour was clicking away with a proper camera, focused and intent. No words exchanged. 

Result: pure bafflement.

And so.

I am wondering, as are you: why?

Here are some possible reasons:

- Having chanced upon some local wildlife, the boy decided to take some pictures. Bats, cats, pheasants, and doves do grace our garden from time to time.

- Having harboured a long-standing neighbourhood complaint, the boy decided to take some pictures. Possible offending objects could be: our innocent garage and shed; our neatly stored rubbish bin and green garden waste bin (grass clippings and such); our little box for recycled things; our patio table and chairs; a mostly-flat, recently mowed lawn. A campfire pit that rocks. Some planted shrubs growing too slowly for our liking.

- Having glanced upon our garden from the aerial view of his shed roof, the boy saw a crop circle shape ever so faintly surrounding the campfire pit that rocks, and decided to take some pictures. That this could have been made by cats is irrelevant. Like Mulder said, we are not alone.

- Having spotted a ghost, the boy decided to take some pictures. A cloudy shape that only Edward Norton could conjure up in The Illusionist suddenly appeared somewhere near the hedges.


Happy Sunday, all!

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