Saturday, 14 July 2012

Dean Crawford's Covenant, anyone?

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Do you like gritty, sleepless, fight-for-your-life stories?

Do you like a good international relevatory conspiracy thriller?

Did you like Fox Mulder in X-Files?

Do you like Coca-Cola?

If you answered yes to any (or all) of the above questions, then you will like Dean Crawford's debut novel, Covenant.

Debut novel that packs a punch.

I first discovered the story of Covenant, which really starts with the story of Dean Crawford, on his blog. As a frustrated writer who toted full manuscripts from the printers on the back of his motorbike, and racked up more rejections than you can shake a stick at, he has hopped himself happily out of the slimepit of the Slushpile and out into the Public Eye. You can read about how he got his agent here and also here. Covenant is something that hit the heart of his agent, Luigi Bonomi, and has lead to a multiple-book deal. Let's all give Dean Crawford a big round of applause! He made it! Congratulations!

(And, he gives as-yet-unpublished writers like myself a big scoop of inspiration. It is sweet - if it had a flavor, it would taste like mint chocolate chip ice cream, lovingly dolloped into your favorite old bowl. The one handed to you as a child, when all you needed was comforting. After the school bully called you four-eyes again. And then locked you in the stall in the girl's bathroom.)

And, as a side note, I especially like the line "Indiana's good in the summer." Because I'm from Indiana. Indeed, it is good in the summer. Well, maybe not this summer, due to the massive drought that's sort of frying it, but usually, it is good in the summer. Take it from a Hoosier!

I highly recommend you get your eager little paws on Covenant, so you can jump right into Ethan Warner's (that's the protagonist's) adventure! Whew, you'll have to stop to take a breath every now and then. It is that thrilling.

Happy Saturday, all.


  1. Glad you enjoyed Covenant, and thanks for the kind words! The sequel, "Immortal", is out in the UK now. I hope that my blog continues to inspire you, and good luck with your own writing! :o)

    1. You're welcome, Dean! My friend is currently reading Immortal but I'll have it after her. Looking forward to your Ethan Warner Book #5 Start-to-Finish blog series. Have fun!