Saturday, 21 April 2012

Working Class Hero

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Today I want to talk about the funniest book ever written.

That would be Caitlin Moran's How to Be a Woman.

Super, super funny

I am up to page 115, so I am a little less than halfway through, but I just can't help myself. I have to say it. This book rocks. I was given it for Christmas last year by a friend who keeps me well-stocked with books, and this one is definitely a treasure.

I think feminism has gotten a bad rap for so long and Moran steps right up and explains what it really is: that it's people being polite to each other. It's not men-bashing and it's not women-are-superior, and it's not anything silly or old-fashioned or risque or chic, like only having salads for lunch, or a particular, dangerously embarassing phase, like having a mullet or tight-rolling your jeans. It's a way of life and a belief in equality and it's something that everybody can be, without apologising, and without hurting anyone.

But it's not just the point Moran is making; it's the way she approaches it. This book is laugh out loud funny. (Why are knickers getting smaller? Moran asks. Why are gender rules still so fixed and why do women pressure themselves so much about everything? etc. etc.) I have burst into laughter on the morning train commute, and drawn stares. I've laughed so hard I've snorted and almost choked on bite of a cheese-and-baked beans baked potato at lunch in the break room, which is not far from where the editorial department sit, and all the busy, important typing stops. And I am to blame. I coughed, ahemed and read on.

You just need to read it. You NEED to. NOW.

Happy Saturday, all!

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