Sunday, 15 April 2012

Fun with eggs

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Which came first - the chicken or the egg?

I asked this question a couple of blog posts ago, when I was pontificating on the writer-as-reader conundrum. What makes a person a writer? Is it just writing? Is reading involved? Is it some kind of mystical, unanswerable question?

Well, I'd like to turn the infinite chicken and egg question into something real and tangible. Like this!

The chicken AND the egg! Chick egg cozy created by fellow writers' group member Caren and her mother. (Thanks, Caren, for providing the Easter Egg Hunt at our last group meeting. That was really fun.)

It seems only fitting that this is a Springtime/Eastery question. I know Easter was last weekend but I can't help but continue to admire this adorable little egg cozy in all its golden glory.

I like to think all of this - the writer, the reader, the poet, the playwright - goes around and around in a circle, and that endless continuity of it really makes me quite happy. One makes the other, and generations down the line it's all still there, with each story or vignette or character as individual as the faces of you and me.

Have a great Sunday, everybody.

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