Sunday, 22 April 2012

These. Boots.

It has been a long-standing dream of mine - well, at least for the past year or two - to own a pair of super-soft, beautiful tall boots, ones kind of like the kind people wear for riding horses, but just for every day. I wanted to become the kind of person that doesn't sniff at paying £50 or £80 or £100 for a pair of nice, real-leather boots that will last me for ages. And look cool. And sort of make a sound when I walk, a kind of sophisticated boot-walking sound on the pavement.

I thought, this will be something I can aspire to when I'm older. You know, that Unknown frame of years, anywhere between thirty-five and seventy, in which you think you might actually let that grey streak on your left temple just keep growing out, because you've given up trying to look young and you've accepted yourself for who you are. The time when, if asked what did you did over the weekend (instead of recounting the time you may have spent in the pub, getting sh*tfaced, having a few pints, and how you struggled epically the next day), you will answer, honestly and without apology, "I rediscovered myself."  When you actually try meditation, and it works. When you can center and focus. When you can finally appreciate the skin you're in, even though it is not perfect.  When you can dish out more than £3 for lunch. When you can order the most expensive bottle of wine on the menu, and not think twice about the cost. Because you can. Because you are older.

Well, I  know that this super ultra-money expenditureness will never be me, really. I'm far too cheap. I never exactly lived on the street, but at the same time, I did go without food (sometimes) in order to save enough money for the long term. Things like: rent. University fees. Or a big move to England.


Lavorazione Artigiana. Oh yes.

It has been my good fortune for this particular dream to come true. Everybody, meet my new boo-ets. These are super-soft, comfortable, and lovely.

Saucy. Which also means: Made in Italy.

I came across these just two days ago in Sheffield, my oh my!

The original price tag? £150.00!

What I got them for? £25!

And they smell delicious.

You just never know what the bargain hunter will find.

Time to try them on with several different outfit configurations!

Happy Sunday, all.


  1. Fantastic bargain. You will have to write a book for all us girl's out her that would like to aspire to your bargain hunting and buying.I will be the first in the queue to buy xxx

    1. *Likes!* Oh I sho' will... stay tuned for the rough draft! LOL :) x x x