Sunday, 1 January 2012

Good morning, 2012

After a night of fun and frolic - do we call it that? Is there no modern euphemism for just plain stomping around the local village drinking and singing? - I'm back again to welcome my readers to the brand spanking new year, 2012.

Today I don't have much to say except the fireworks display in London was out of this world. I saw it on TV at our friends' house party, but I think sometimes seeing it on TV allows you to see more of it. You could almost smell the gunpowder.

So today is going to be a restful day. Champagne seems to turn my brain into a hypersensitive animal that doesn't like me, or anything else. I think loads of coffee will help. And no sudden movements. And keeping light to a minimum.

On a happier note, I am armed with the 2012 Writer's Market - thanks to my better half and his Christmas gift-giving genius. Reputable literary agents of the world, look forward to my query letter sometime soon!


Hope all y'all had fun last night, and enjoy your Sunday.


  1. I am sure it will be a good year for you.I have finished my first reading of Ashbourne hauntings and am now about to re read it so hopefully will be rady with my "constructive" critisism?!!! soon.

  2. Happy New Year, Vee - again. ;) Hope you've recovered from the festivities by now.

    Oooh that's a great idea from Dawn to re-read your book, Vee. :) I re-organized my bookcase last night and now it looks brand new again. I need to start on the book you sent me for Xmas soon though, or it'll stay on the shelf until the next time you visit and you'll ask how I liked the book. ;)

    Much love.