Thursday, 5 January 2012

And they're off!

A beautiful picture from this blog, which is also fascinating. Have a look!

As my better half mutters to himself while packing clothes and random essentials into our (rather small, if you ask me) piece of luggage, I have taken this moment to sit down and tell y'all that we are Off to London for the Weekend!

In all caps like that: Off to London for the Weekend!

I've got my big 1980s camera, my Bermuda shorts and my Mickey Mouse ears, and my American tourist ignorance about all things British... oh wait... no I don't! But I do have a slightly Britishy American accent which is sure to throw off even the most cosmopolitan of barmaids and shopkeepers. (Is she American? Is she English? Is she both? I don't know!!!)

This is my better half's very generous Happy Birthday surprise, and I can't tell you how much I am positively brimming with excitement. It has been a fair few years since we've visited London and I can't wait to be part of the international hustle-and-bustle that I'm sure will greet us at every crossroads. And the big red double-decker buses are cool too. (This follows on from my recent 29th birthday, which took place, amazingly, on December 29th.) 

Just so you guys know I am definitely not neglecting you for the weekend - but let this suffice to say that I will be sampling exotic and unpronounceable cuisine, taking in sights of historical significance, haranguing the tour guides, fish-popping my mouth at the cost of a single small glass of wine in a chic, sexy bar kept busy through other means, and I won't be taking a laptop, computer nerd that I may be.

So you know I'm packing way too many clothes and way, way too many pairs of shoes. You just never know what the weekend may bring.

I guess turning 29 ain't so bad after all.

See y'all on the other side!

Happy Weekend.


  1. That is a great birthday present Vee. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. I am sure that the inhabitants of London are used to "strange" people with "strange" accents , so you will fit right in. Take plenty of pics. xxx

  2. It was an amazing weekend! Pictures are forthcoming! :) x x x x