Sunday, 24 February 2013

Drinks and canapes, count me in!

Reading: The Night Rainbow by Claire King
Listening to: "Lemonade" by Alexandra Stan
Outside: Overcast, chilly, still as a painting

Today I bring some exciting news! I have been invited to Claire King's launch party (invitation only, fancy that!) for her debut novel, The Night Rainbow, which came out hot off the presses just over a week ago.

Much-acclaimed debut, predicted by Stylist magazine to be a soon-to-be bestseller, alongside Dan Brown and Maya Angelou.

I consider this a special honor because I have been following Claire's journey from aspiring writer to published author, my heart doing a little jump at every step along the way. It has been a path of ups and downs, little fragile hopes and, finally, much-deserved success. She signed with agent Annette Green, who then sold The Night Rainbow to Bloomsbury (I know, right? Wow!) back in 2011, and Claire even got to be there to see the first batch of books run off of the presses. She witnessed the birth of her book.

So with that said, she is doing a victory lap around England. Her first launch party was in London, where she met and celebrated with many, many glamorous people. Next week, she will be in Yorkshire, where she will meet and celebrate with more glamorous people. And me!

I am looking forward to meeting the woman who inspired my journey. She believed in the story she had to tell, and she found the right agent who championed it. Claire's also cheered me along on my own uphill battle.

Holding my copy of The Night Rainbow in my hands is really quite emotional, because I know how much work went into it. It is not just paper and glue and hard covers and dust jacket. It is three years of her life. It's hope and stress and query letters, hard work and edits, isolation and love. It is a dream realized - a story that others can open and step inside.

Fantastic job, Claire!

I'm thrilled to get to celebrate her outstanding success. Yay for great writing, publishing deals, drinks and canapes!


I highly recommend The Night Rainbow - her writing jumps right off the page and pulls you in. Now it's time for you to head out to the bookstore and get your copy. Go on. You know you want to.

Happy Sunday!

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