Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sofa heaven

Reading: The Dark River by John Twelve Hawks
Listening to: "What It Is to Burn" by Finch
Outside: Cloudy sunset

Sofa-tastic! Couch surfing begins!

We have finally chosen the sofa of our dreams. (And no, it's not the one in the picture.) You might recall the rather frustrating beginnings of our sofa-search here. After more than a year of discussing, searching, sitting, chilling, hemming and hawing, guessing and measuring and imagining, we have done the unthinkable: slammed down our debit card and said, "Yes."

And so, after our mortgage and marriage, this is our first big purchase made as a Mr. & Mrs. Coming to this decision was calm, civil, and equally agreeable to both of us. Reaching a joint decision, no matter how big or small, is a skill to work at. If we'd gone with my original idea of what a new couch would be, my better half wouldn't have been happy. And same the other way around. Today we mutually agreed on something different from our original expectations, and actually better, and this is something both of us will like. Yay!

I have officially joined the ranks of Adulthood, complete with doctor appointments, taxes, and an appreciation for fine dining. And a brand new sofa that makes all the difference.

A reclining sofa.

A large, reclining sofa.

This world truly has no limits.

I've come to understand that things happen as they happen.  No amount of feet-stomping in any capacity, nor any degree of impatience, will make things happen faster. When it's right, it will happen. Our cushy, soft, stylish, reclining new sofa found us. We are lucky.

Like M. A. Dal Cero said,

Believe, believe, and doubt no more
You will be happy forevermore.

We are looking forward to our first reclining movie-watching experience in approximately 7 weeks' time. Oh, the anticipation! 

Sofa heaven is in our reach. Tonight we celebrate! The search is over. The pub calls.

Have a Happy Sunday, Dear Reader.


  1. Oh, the nights curled up watching a movie or reading a good book or WRITING an even better book! ;oD

    1. A good couch inspires all and cures all. x