Sunday, 25 November 2012

Frost and ribbon

Reading: The Cobra Event by Richard Preston
Listening to: "Always for You" by The Autumn Leaf
Outside: Breezy and cold, the beginning breaths of winter

And so it begins!
The tree and tinsel, the stubborn cans of cranberry sauce, the chill and the blankets, candles lined up on fireplace mantles...

A snowy night that rocked our street. Doncaster, November 30, 2010

Today marks one month until Christmas Day, and I admit I have been a bit slow in preparing. But it has been a very, very busy Autumn. Weddings (my own, yay!) and Halloween and parties, oh my! It seems the frantic scurrying is over, to be replaced with another kind of frantic scurrying, and my purse does seem quite a bit lighter.

We've celebrated a delicious Thanksgiving Day - our first as a married couple, wow there are going to be a lot of firsts! - last week and we look forward to our annual Black Friday York visit coming up on Friday (silly me thought there were only four Thursdays this month and requested next Thursday/Friday off!).

Christmas is now upon us. Kids at the mall are on their best behavior. I am too. Lists are being scribbled and traded, wishes granted, dreams fulfilled. Christmas cards, wrapping paper, ribbon and a touch of frost in the early mornings - these are the things that make the season delightful. Unspoken hopes fill the air.

A new novel has begun and steadily grows each weekend. Me, writing crime fiction! Can you believe it? Homework assigned by my local writers' group gone haywire. Perhaps all those nights of my youth curled up with Nancy Drew mysteries fed something in me. Whatever happens, I blame it on the muse...

Mmm...can't you just smell the pine scent?

Happy Sunday, all! And may the spirit of the season sweep you off your feet.


  1. I haven't felt 'Chritmassy'until I read your blog and saw your pictures. It will be a quit one this year but still enjoyed.

    1. Glad you like it! Yes, it will be a quiet one this year... we'll all still have fun though and we'll be sure to celebrate with you either before or after! :) x