Saturday, 1 September 2012

Hen do!!!!!

Today, I embark on a journey that will take me and several of my friends to York: the place of dreams.

Fo' Sho'

Coffee and pancakes breakfast of champions: check
Manicure: check.
Friends: check
Regret that I couldn't invite loads more people, due to various reasons like: full mini-buses, many miles of distance, and obligatory airport runs: check (Don't worry about a thing - I'll make it up to you)
Appetite for wine: check.
Outfit: check.
Shoes I am LOVING: check
Back-up, safer shoes: check
Giddiness to the point of spontaneously giggling hysterically: check.
Hair/Makeup: next on the list!

Gotta go now, but I wish you all a very happy Saturday!
I know mine will be!!!!!

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