Saturday, 25 August 2012

A day in sunny England

Reading: Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman
Listening to: "Higher" by Creed
What it's like outside: Plenty of rain, plenty of sun, plenty of both at the same time (only in England!)

Things I have done today: Write, do laundry, clean the house, hop on the exercise bike.

This afternoon I ran outside to rescue the washing off the line before it got soaked in the driving rain just in the nick of time. Innately sensing when it's about to rain is just one of the things I've learned whilst living here. Other things include:

- Exactly when to board a train (2 to 3 minutes before its departure time, so everyone who already has a reserved seat is sitting in it, and all empty seats that you see are available, despite what the little digital screens above them indicate).

- Exactly when to alight from a train (after everyone else has stood and spilled into the aisle and piled against the doors, because being the crush of a hurry is only fun for a while).

Choo Choo!

- The perfect way to dispatch a spider (involves the attachment feature on a vacuum cleaner).

- How to cram all my errands into the shortened hours of 9 am to 5 pm, even when I work 9 am to 5:30 pm, and not be exasperated by the fact that the Frenchgate Centre (the Doncaster "Mall") closes at 5. As do most supermarkets, pharmacies, post offices, and everywhere except the teeniest, tiniest shops that you can just about turn around in.

- The importance of appreciating, not distrusting, the curious lack of mosquitos on a summer evening.

Tomorrow approaches. Tomorrow, I will finish the first draft of my latest book, Drowning Rachel. I am really looking forward to my First Draft Ritual: adding page numbers, formatting the title page, and (if my trusty printer - "Stu" -  has enough ink - I really hope I haven't worn him out just yet! Haha) printing this first draft up. Then I will leave it to sit for a while. And then: editing begins! And then I will clean it up. I'll make it sing.

Cleaning, singing, trees made of pages - the wacky world of writing

I hope wherever you are, you're enjoying your Saturday, dear reader, as much as I am.

And if you are in England - enjoy your Bank Holiday Weekend!

Happy Saturday!

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