Saturday, 9 June 2012

"There's nothing a cup of tea won't settle."

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The title of this post ("There's nothing a cup of tea won't settle.") is my favorite line from Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the remake). Amidst the groan of a chainsaw and high-pitched squealing of a teenage girl just trying to save her friends, there comes that part where the girl bursts into the trailer, and the sudden quiet in that trailer, with the laid-back country civility that kind of smacks you in the face with its warmth, and then the line about the cup of tea. Ain't that the truth.

But anyway, today!  I just wanted to say that Jonathan Franzen is ace. The Corrections is ace. It is, like, so uber-American in its portrayal of Americans. Who else can write about a man slowly losing his mind to Parkinson's? And the effect this has on his wife and three grown children? Who else can use metaphor so consistently and accessibly throughout a 650-page text who's not Charles Dickens? It's devastating. It's hilarious. It catches you off-guard, and tips you over and then sets you right again. Franzen is definitely my cup o' tea.

Well, I am now going to tend to some weddingy things.

Enjoy your Saturday, all.

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