Sunday, 10 June 2012

"CDC: There Is No Impending Zombie Apocalypse"

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Now, I've had some really funny emails that land in my inbox. The subject lines are always worth at least a chuckle. Usually things about penis enlargement, pleasing the ladies, and Christian Singles Looking for Love, and Nigerian bankers wanting all my personal information as a very desperately needed favor. But this, this, actually came in. It's like all of my dreams coming true at once.

Me and Resident Evil are not on good terms.

Care2 has sent this message to poke fun, to question, and to spread the word about the spreading word of the world being devasted by a fast-spreading virus. A virus that causes zombie-ism. I can't imagine a better thing to write about or film or in some other way artistically capture for whatever posterity might be.

Please, please, have a look at this: Care2's story all about the CDC actually having to issue a statement that there is no cause for alarm, that we don't actually need the Zombie Preparedness Guide they issued last year.

I'm wondering how I could have possibly missed this Preparedness Guide a year ago. Shouldn't I go and get it from the library? Do you think they'll still have a copy? I mean, I want to be ready. I can find a photocopier and make copies in case. Just in case.

I mean, it's not been long since I wrote this in my journal:

Friday, April 27th, 2012: I had a dream last night about what to do in the event of zombies.

Is this coincidence, or is this further evidence that zombie fever is catching?

Please excuse me while I go dig the bunker in the back garden. You gotta start somewhere. I need to find the shovel.

Happy Sunday, all.

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