Sunday, 24 June 2012

Race for Life 2012 (follow-up)

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Here is the much-anticipated follow-up to today's earlier post! Race for Life 2012 was a rush. In aid of Cancer Research UK, this popular event was as good as ever - you could feel the energy coursing all around Town Fields all through the 5k race.

I love, love, love the exercises before the start of the race, where the fitness trainer takes the stage and gets us all moving. It's a sea of pink, a crowd of just under 3,000 ladies all raising their hands, going like this:

(Point to yourself) "I race for me!"
(Point ahead) "I race for you!"
(Run in place) "I race for life!"

And other great dance moves that stretch the calves, hamstrings, arms, and channel some light rhythm to get the blood pumping.


I'm telling you, there is no greater feeling than being part of something like this. There's nothing like the countdown to zero before they sound the airhorn and the cheers rise up from the crowd. And the race begins!

I am quite pleased with myself - this is the the fourth year I've taken part, and also fastest I've ever run it, striding past the giant clock at 25 minutes 40 seconds, and (according to my better half) coming in among the first twenty runners. Out of 2,900 that ain't bad!

Yay! My sunburned, slightly disheveled self!

Here is a BIG SHOUT OUT to everyone who sponsored me - you have helped in the fight for a cure, ensuring another big step forward for Cancer Research UK. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Also, Yorkshire Wildlife Park was brilliant - my better half and I spent an afternoon with my Writers' Group today seeing lions, tigers, and meerkats (oh my!) - but now it's time for me to take a hot soak in a bath. I will post pictures as soon as I recoup my energy! :)

Happy Sunday, all!


  1. Well done sweetheart we are proud of you as always.xx

    1. Thank you loads and loads, Mumsie! Your support goes a long way. :) x x x