Saturday, 30 June 2012

Meerkats, emus, and lemurs, oh my!

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Behold, the Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

You might remember my epic top-to-bottom great day out last weekend, and if you don't remember, you can read this blog post which tells about the first part of the day - my participation in Race For Life 2012.

And now...

Hello Arthur the Meerkat! He's on Twitter. Tweet him.

All photos taken by Ian J. Smethurst, author of the E.D.F. Chronicles and fellow Doncaster Writers' Group member.

There are so, so many more animals at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park here in Doncaster - so if you can, get yourself over there and you can see them all for yourself! I highly recommend it. You can even walk among the wallabes and squirrel monkeys and pet an iguana (I did!)!

Between all this and my better half seeing the Olympic Torch Relay come through Doncaster, I don't know how much more exciting this summer can get. (Unless, you know, a literary agent falls in love with my book. That would also be very exciting. Crossed fingers and all that.)

Happy Saturday, everybody!

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