Sunday, 13 May 2012

The day of reckoning

Currently reading: Contact by Carl Sagan (almost done now!)
Currently listening to: the birds chirping their springtime chirp
Current weather conditions: SUNNY! WARM! OMG!

All apologies for not posting a blog post yesterday - I was busy scampering around (yes, scampering) getting all the typical housework/yardwork done in order to do what I've been waiting to do for what feels like two geological ages (but really comes down to about three months):


Oh my!

And so, with very little hesitation, amidst the ruffles and pearlescent peacock feathers of prom gowns in my mother-in-law's bridal shop, I shucked off my daytime clothes and donned the magical beauty of yards and yards and yards of soft, rustling fabric. It was glorious. Emotional. And slightly too large. Which is good, because it would have been super-not-good if it was too small.  I look forward to trying it on again after the alterations. Also, I am on the hunt for taller shoes, which is very good for me because I need an excuse to get more shoes. And this is perhaps the best excuse of all.


So now the edits of my latest book continue, with some imaginary wedding music spilling ever so quietly around my brain, like a cold drink on a hot day. It's so good I can taste it.

Enjoy your Sunday, everybody!

Also, Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there in the US, including mine! xoxo


  1. You looked absolutly stunning. It was wonderful to be able to help you with such an important dress.I am looking forward excitedly to seeing you wearing "The Dress"again this time on the 19th. October. Enjoy your Sunday

    1. Thank you sooooo much, and I'm BIG TIME looking forward to it too!! :) x x x x