Sunday, 26 February 2012

York: The Night Life

Last night, I truly lived the high life.

Anyone in or near York? Visit this site for menus and other fun stuff.

Invited by a friend to take a walk on the wild side, I found myself in York after 8 at night. This was surreal because the only time I'd ever seen York was during the family-oriented daytime, doing alcohol-free activities that made up our Black Friday day out each year. Museums, York Minster, Shambles, oh yes!


Last night was a whole different thing. Girls teetering on high heels, guys in muscle shirts, that sweet waft of CK perfume in the air and away we went down the cobble-stone streets in search of that much-haunted watering hole.

I trailed along with a group of girls I don't know (except for my friend), and, much like the tourist I am, gazed in awe at the tiny doorways and heated patios. Then we went into Bora Bora Cocktail Bar. They truly do have a cocktail to match every personality. In case you missed it earlier, see all their shot-glass varieties here!

Everywhere we went, I saw people wearing coats. Coats? What happened to beer jackets? Is that only a Doncasterian thing? Coats, coats, everywhere. It was nice to see people snuggly warm.

And! Real candles. On every table. What a mood-setter indeed. Ultra chic.

Candles. I love 'em.

Ah, York. How thrilling it is to see a place in a different light. The streetlamps coat the Minster in eerie orange shapes, and a regal daytime church becomes an imposing structure against a black sky. Now one of the oldest cities in England gets my vote for night life as well, because it is truly a place of magic. I like to think I walked through the ghosts of night-revellers before me, heels clacking down the same cobblestones and echoing in the chilly laugh-laced night. Dreams are realized, pasts remembered, each moment better than the one before it.

If you get the chance, please do spend the day in York. And when the sun goes down: stay for a while. You never know what shadows will draw out and change the world you see. The doors are open, the candles are lit, and you are invited into the comforting glow.

Happy Sunday, everybody!

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