Saturday, 3 December 2011

Why York is so Amazing

Because you can stand at the top of York Minster and pretend you're not terrified the wind will blow you right through that rectangle in the protective mesh.

Because you get this view of (yes) York Minster as you make your way across an ancient bridge, having walked up about a hundred curved stone steps, as you climb to the top. (Another hundred and sixty to go!)

Because you can wear silly sheep-shaped hats, quite anonymously, whilst strolling down the shopping districts that are devilishly open after five pm (oh my!).

Thus concludes Black Friday 2011, or as I like to call it, York Day. The day after Thanksgiving my better half and I always take a wander into York, which is only twenty minutes north by train, to relive the magic and the mystery of that old Roman fortress (Eboracum) and that Viking settlement (Jorvic) and, of course, our very own one-and-the-same York itself. Surely what we call York today has changed its hair more times than I have.

My dear readers, if you have not breathed York air yet, you must. It smells ever so faintly of dreams coming true and spiced apple. Be sure and put that on your Things To Do list.

Happy Saturday, my beloved street urchins!


  1. I love York. Except in January, in the freezing cold,on a ghost walk, wearing a sleeveless top, thin jacket and high heels. Guess who thought they were going out for a nice meal in a warm restaurant for their mystery night out.x

  2. *Likes* I felt the same way on a York ghost walk in July!!! I firmly believe you don't get those true "Terrors of York" shivers down your spine unless you are so cold you can't even think straight LOL. x