Sunday, 4 December 2011

Don't mind if I do


rocks my world.

Some good trashy vampire novels never did anyone any harm.

 I am currently enthralled with Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse novels. (Also called True Blood. HBO made a series based on these books.) My friend has so kindly loaned me all nine of the Stackhouse books in her library (word on the street is Harris plans to run the series through thirteen books), and I am halfway through the fifth. I find them unashamed, unabashed, simple entertainment, and I can't help but notice an undercurrent of political voice that comes through: Vampires as transsexuals/homosexuals/bisexuals, also the black/white race issue as well as old money/blue collar/educated college types vs. uneducated barmaids class issues, and the need for legal rights for all. I think the books invite and provoke an excellent message of social, political, and economic equality of the sexes/races/undead, with hot plot lines to boot. With these books, everybody wins!

Pretty cool stuff from Charlaine Harris, now 60, a small-town girl born and raised in the Mississippi River Delta around Thanksgiving in 1951. Her southern roots show as her main character and femme fatale (gosh, how much I've wanted to write that somewhere in my blog you have no idea) Sookie Stackhouse is from a fictional backwater town called Bon Temps, Louisiana, and many of Sookie's barmaid/telepath adventures take you throughout the South, like Harris's home Mississippi, and through into Texas, and such. It is a journey into Deliverance country and I for one am definitely one of those that will be the first to jump in the canoe.

Charlaine Harris: adoring and adored prolific writer

Hope you get a chance to grab hold of these books, because they're so good I guarantee you will miss your train stop. (I almost did more than once!)

Happy Sunday, readers all.

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