Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas! It's almost upon us...

Naturally, I'm the sheep.

The above picture is evidence of more hale and hearty festivities in the workplace. It was Christmas Dress-Up Day and we had a male tranny Snow White (inspired by the Christmas Panto), and we had a Rudolph, complete with light-up antlers. We also had some Santas and Lady Santas, and even a woman dressed completely from head to toe in blue. It was a real sight. however, we decided to go Biblical. And so! The Nativity Scene came to life!

And so, me being as unorthodox as I am, I chose to go as the lamb. I had to follow my colleague Lynne around as she was the Shepherd, otherwise I would have truly gotten lost. We all had a smashing good time getting papped by office staff far and wide. We even had people from upstairs come down to behold the sight of a Lamb, King Herod, the Shepherd, Virgin Mary, Joseph and our new Beary Jesus (a teddy bear stand-in).

At home, the adventures continue. I have almost lost my dining room table underneath layers upon layers of wrapping paper, Christmas tinsel, and hand-made gift tags. I've had little bits of tape stuck to places you wouldn't believe, hours after having wrapped the latest batch of heartfelt gifts.

I'm hoping for a little bit of a Christmas miracle. Three, actually:

- That I get a book deal sometime within this lifetime
- That my toilet stops leaking
- That my boiler chooses to work consistently, especially when I need hot water (for such a trivial thing as a shower, for example) or when I need heat on a cold winter night.

I don't live on 34th Street, but I'm sure miracles aren't limited to just one residential district!

Have a fun Saturday, my little elves.

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