Sunday, 30 October 2011


Here is another favorite poem by one of my favorite poets and artists, the late Shel Silverstein.

He was one of those few children's poets that reached into the hearts and minds of adults, too, and so I highly recommend finding this (previously banned) book and shedding those layers of adulthood, washing away all that knowledge of how itemizing deductions and making (and keeping) doctor appointments and grocery shopping (and all those other soul-destroying responsible things adults have to do) have shaped us into the beings we are now. Let's go back for a moment and step inside...


Nobody loves me,
Nobody cares,
Nobody picks me peaches and pears.
Nobody offers me candy and Cokes,
Nobody listens and laughs at my jokes.
Nobody helps when I get in a fight,
Nobody does all my homework at night.
Nobody misses me,
Nobody cries,
Nobody thinks I'm a wonderful guy.
So if you ask me who's my best friend, in a whiz,
I'll stand up and tell you that Nobody is.
But yesterday night I got quite a scare,
I woke up and Nobody just wasn't there.
I called out and reached out for Nobody's hand,
In the darkness where Nobody usually stands.
Then I poked through the house, in each cranny and nook,
But I found somebody each place that I looked.
I searched till I'm tired, and now with the dawn,
There's no doubt about it--
Nobody's gone!

Happy Sunday, all. A kindly reminder to my loyal minions in the UK - we get an extra hour today! Fill it with something good.

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