Saturday, 23 July 2011

Alright, love?

Yorkshire Dales (picture from this lovely site    Credit: 47mki)

Step away from everything you know and come to a place that is rugged and enchanting, dark and mysterious, and where there's plenty of wine!

I also like to call it England. My home. I thought I'd give this post a charming title: a typical Yorkshire way of saying, "How are you?"

The Yorkshire Dales are not far from where I live, which classifies this part of the country as rural England. There are still cities and towns and, you know, traffic, but sometimes it is nice to get away, smell that fresh country air, perhaps on your way to Whitby through the North York Moors.

                                             North York Moors. (Picture from this lovely site.)

Now you probably have images of little, hairy-footed hobbits hopping around, or maybe Sherlock Holmes and that pesky (but illusive) Hound of the Baskervilles raging across a windy moor. Or both!

Now it's time for a nice spot of tea.

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