Thursday, 28 April 2011

If you're reading this, Chuck Palahniuk...

So far the most shocking book I have ever read (and that includes American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis); a sickeningly lovely collection of short stories that all group together to make a large satisfying story.

... I just wanted to say thank you, Chuck Palahniuk, for writing such a scary and deep beauty of a book. Just five minutes ago I finished reading it. 

I found I sometimes did not want to open it, for fear of what I would find. I found other times that I needed to open it, to look through that keyhole, into the nightmare box, to see what I could see, me alone. I walked into it the way a person might walk into a forgotten cobwebbed attic, unsure what the shapes are under those dusty sheets but needing to find out just the same.

I appreciate your afterward, as well, and it is true - so few people bother reading books anymore that you can pretty much write anything.

I like how you don't compromise or apologise. For anything. It certainly takes guts.

 And for the record, I did not faint when I read "Guts." That is only because that was one nine-page story I could not finish reading because I was just about to faint. And I had breakfast to eat. Work to go to. I'm sure you will understand.

Thanks again.

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