Monday, 25 April 2011

I do love a bank holiday Monday

What I am doing today.

But really, I am. It's perfect sunshine out here and you bet I've got my glass of wine and a little gruesome darkness that is Chuck Palahniuk's Haunted. There are actually a few chapters I can't read in this but that doesn't matter. Everyone loves some sardonic humor. Me included. And you get that on every page.

Besides, I am taking a break from hard editing my completed novel Ashbourne Hauntings, which I have submitted yet again, this time to a literary agency in Colorado. I chew my fingernails in anticipation.

Tomorrow I plan on making the most of another day off - this one's a true holiday day for me, taken off of the 25 days I get to choose from, man I love England - and trundle down to Doncaster's thriving town center to visit Age UK charity shop in Bowers Fold, where there happens to be a new (I mean that on the most surface level) vintage line of clothing taking up a whole floor of the shop. This little vixen has created something that sounds like a dream come true, so I look forward to paying a visit. Anyone local to Doncaster with their eye on fashion, well, let me know what you think!

Enjoy the sun everyone.


  1. Also, the one on East Laithe Gate, opposite the late night chemist is good. And the TWO at the top of the High Street! Enjoy

  2. I SO love Doncaster for its charity shops. I am venturing out now to see what treasure I can find...yay! x