Thursday, 7 April 2011

Ain't about the cha-ching cha-ching

First of all, I would like to say all apologies for my lack of blog posts these past couple of weeks. I have been spending my time walking in the woods, surviving solely on grubs and ground tree bark, rediscovering myself and the purpose I have on this planet been busy. That it happens to coincide with the very day I received a rejection letter from Judith Murdoch Literary Agency is purely coincidental.

I just wanted to say that Jessie J brings it back for real. It really ain't about the price tag, and let's all remember that. Too often our real lives are muddled with the desire to have the biggest wardrobe and the best shoes (all eleven pairs of them), because the commercials on TV and the adverts in magazines like Cosmopolitan tell us that we are simply not good enough without this body lotion or that pair of sunglasses. It really is ridiculous isn't it? How much we are defined by our image of ourselves, when really it is that image - the one hidden underneath all that makeup and fake tan and cologne - that is hiding who we really are?

Before this gets into a deep philosophical conundrum, and perhaps it is too late, I think it's important to just take off all that silly stuff and put on our jim jams and fuzzy socks and get back to what's important. And of course that would be ice cream and Friends re-runs.

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