Thursday, 27 February 2014

Modern family

Reading: The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
Listening to: The fireplace kick out some heat
Outside: A sunny day but you'll need a coat! Unless you're carrying loads of groceries.

And so as a species we've moved on from cave-homes, from babies-on-backs during fieldwork, and (thankfully!) from those horrible Victorian bottles that were impossible to clean and therefore deadly.

This Victorian-era studio portrait of a bottle-fed baby was taken by Charles Van Schaick and 
posted by the Wisconsin Historical Society. Picture found on this site - a great blog!

We have progressed to car seats, the back-to-sleep position, baby wipes and antibacterial cream. And! Today we have all of these things and more: now grocery shopping is an entertaining and fulling way to spend family time together. Our secret to happiness: let Jellybean carry it all.


Low Ri-der...

The perks of having a child include lots of surging oxytocin (the bonding hormone making me melt when she smiles at me), and as well as having a pram in which to ferry groceries from the store to our house, approximately a seven-minute walk away. I never knew we could fit seventy diapers and three containers of formula, as well as all our toiletries for the next six months, underneath the pram. Oh my.

You know what, as a parent you learn you gotta do what you gotta do. So what if I went a little overboard buying frozen dinners on offer, and also bought some name-brand cheese? And bought so much food our fridge and freezer doesn't close unless you really work at it. Is it such a crime? Our total came to exponentially more than I expected. But who can blame you when your baby's pram also doubles as another shopping cart?

Mama's & Papa's pram, you are worth your weight in gold.

I wonder what the Victorians would have to say about this. Maybe they'd say:

"Your lives are too easy! You are too soft! You should be making things ridiculously, horribly difficult, and you should be exhausted! And cold! Cold all the time! And damp."

Gosh I love our modern family.

Happy Thursday, everybody!

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