Saturday, 11 May 2013

Estamos de vacaciones...

Reading: The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes
Listening to: Funny videos on PickTV
Outside: Meh.

...aaaaand now we're back.

First of all, lo siento mucho for the horrible neglect I've shown this blog and you, my dear reader!

I really have no excuse except my days filling up in ways I never expected: pesky garden grass growing too fast, dandelions just existing, last minute holiday planning. And leaving on a jet plane.

I can't tell you how ready I was for a holiday!

And so, now, our luna miel is over - a  honeymoon six months late but hey, it was just as sweet as it would have been the day after our October wedding.

A week in the Caleta de Fuste in Fuerteventura (Gran Canaria, a Spanish island just off the north-western coast of northern Africa, how many names can I possibly give it?) has revived our work-weary minds and given us a nice tan.

Top 5 moments on holiday:

5. Finding nacho cheese sauce at the local grocery store. And jars of apple sauce. I mean, I felt like I was back in Indiana again. C'mon, England, let's bring some sauce into the UK! It won't hurt anybody, I promise!

4. Eating and drinking ridiculous amounts of everything. All-inclusive: you are my hero.

Yes. There is octopus in that salsa. For real.
Cheeeeeese houses!

3. Snogging a sea-lion. Oh yes. I have photographic proof. (Picture coming soon.)

2. Lounging by the pool, eating serving after serving of free ice cream. And reading. And ice cream.

1. 24-hour access to conversation with my husband. It's deceptive how much work and separate commitments get in the way of spending time (real time) with your beloved. It was so freeing to talk with him, ask him annoying questions ("What if this glass-bottom boat we're in went adrift without a captain? What would we do? What would you do if you saw a shark approach us and stare at us through the glass? It would make a great movie, wouldn't it?"), dust off my Basic Spanish and teach him a few palabras. Ah, the freedom of no schedule.

Dazzling sun! No sunglasses!

Me in the aforementioned glass-bottom boat! (We did not go adrift.)

And it was nice to wear flip-flops.

Lunch at nearby Corralejo!
Sun, sea, palm trees sprouting of my husband's head!
In conclusion, it was a lovely holiday. In the world of emoticons, I was a colon capital D.

On the book front, QueryTracker informs me that loads of fellow queriers have had responses back from agents (good responses, good agents). I, however, have not had any response. I still think that no news is good news....

So on that note, I will leave you to return to your weekend - and happy Saturday to you all!