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Joan's 80th Birthday!

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You might remember a few weeks ago I attended the 80th birthday party for my friend Joan. As a fellow member of Doncaster Writers' Group, she of course likes poetry. And so we all got together and wrote a poem for her in secret. This poem expresses our awe and adoration for such a wonderful lady. Please have a look at our presentation to Joan! (I cannot take credit for this video - it was shot by the husband of one of our Writers' Group members, and then very neatly formatted for appearance on my blog by another very computer-savvy Writers' Group member.)

Ode to Joan
We're eating, drinking, talking and dancing
And, if we're lucky, maybe romancing
But before you think about that some more
This party and poem - who are they for?
This is a poem for our friend Joan Hart
What's been put in it?  Well, where we do start?
She's eighty years old and she's full of life
A nurse, a writer, a friend and a wife

You, dearest Joan, have got a heart of gold
An age of wisdom in stories you've told
Fearless sister, helped miners down the pits
In the heat and dark never lost your wits
Saving lives and limbs deep inside the earth
Mining people knew the risks and your worth
Your pleasant words and gifts of hardboiled sweets
To those in pain always a welcome treat

You took love and laughter into the mine
If the lights went out your heart could still shine
Before and after, you cared above ground
Whether paid or not, as many have found
There to help others, in word or in deed
The sort of person we turn to in need
You have helped to make communities strong
So let's celebrate your life all night long

Joan's thrown a party, invited her pals
And you're amongst them, lucky guys and gals
So think about just how lucky you are
To be in the presence of such a star
So please raise a glass and let's make a toast
To Joan, birthday girl and generous host
I hope you've all brought your gym kit and pumps
It will take some time to give Joan the bumps
-       With love from all of your friends at
                         Doncaster Writers’ Group

In other news: it's Father's Day! So here's a big enthusastic shout-out to all the dads out there: without you, the world wouldn't be the same.

Happy Father's Day and enjoy your Sunday, all!

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