Sunday, 16 October 2011

Two Sisters

Glimmer Train: Not the latest fairground ride!

Not a fairground ride: Glimmer Train Stories.

Yesterday reminded me how much daily life can bring out the stories we write. Yesterday I helped a friend move house, and it was emotional for her because she was saying goodbye to one home and hello to another.

The emotion. It wasn't just the physical aspect of hefting rather cumbersome objects around, and it wasn't the rather eclectic mix of things that made up her life: Jinny horse books (relics of her childhood, so amazingly similar to my Thoroughbred books that I used to read as a kid), boxes and boxes of shoes, folders containing her career, an adorable giraffe cuddly toy, a couple of loved paintings, potted plants that had names, identities and histories. It was the fact that these things were going to a new destination, and the trajectory of her life literally changing before our eyes. We helped make it change.

These are the things that make a good story (and make a good life).

Glimmer Train comes to mind. I have literally just found out that I will be receiving my first copy of Glimmer Train Stories in the next six weeks or so. It is published in Oregon by two sisters who love literature. 

Susan and Linda

 They decided one day that they had had enough of their regular jobs and, because they loved reading, they decided to start up a literary magazine. Years later it has become one of the most prestigious in the United States, and they have readers from all over the world.

Incidentally I have submitted stories to them about four times, and gotten rejected every time. It's a tough market.

But, I am happy to be another one of their subscribers abroad, and I received a postcard from them saying they hope I enjoy it. I'm sure I will, gals, I'm sure I will.

If any of my lovely blog readers are writers out there - Lil, this goes for you - be sure to jot down a story and submit it to them. There are plenty of things to write about. And you never know, your work might be transformed into print for people all over the world to read.

Good luck! And enjoy your Sunday.

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