Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The edge of glory

Tonight, we celebrate!

After thirty-three rejections, it seems my sample chapters of my novel have caught the eye of one particular agency in London! This happened just Monday. I have needed time to let it settle. I had to convince myself that the email sent was actually for me, and that I didn't read it wrong.

Tonight, I have officially sent the full manuscript, as requested, to Josephine Hayes at Bell Lomax Moreton Agency. After several recent hours of editing, deleting, adding, shaping, sculpting, agonizing, fretting, chewing my fingernails, losing sleep, telling my friends and family members, walking a little bit differently after now being officially deemed "interesting" by a complete stranger in the publishing world...I finally summoned up the courage tonight.

My finger, hovering the mouse cursor over the "Send" button, afraid to click it, afraid that the manuscript isn't perfect, that they'll hate it, feeling like I'm going to puke.

I've done it. It's done.

All I can do is go back to agonizing, fretting, chewing my fingernails, hoping.

So, I am, quite literally, standing on the edge of glory. And I'm hanging on the moment with you.

Stay tuned.


  1. Am right there on the edge with you, my friend. Greatness awaits for you and we will cheer your success when it arrives xx

  2. Thanks Nic! As a sensitive person (as all writers are), I depend on these words to keep me from going into complete meltdown. LOL. Together, we are strong!

  3. Holy CRAP! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! I whole-heartedly second Nic's sentiments..."Greatness awaits for you and we will cheer..."

    I particularly liked how it is WHEN it arrives, not IF!

  4. Thank you Lil! It feels so great to have a cheering section. :)