Sunday, 7 August 2011

The best day EVER


I don't even know how I can sum up yesterday's excitement. If you didn't already know (and if that is the case, tut tut to you for not reading every single last one of my posts, shame on you), in addition to the grand open day of my better half's mother's bridal shop Perfect Day, I went to Tattoo Jam 2011 at Doncaster Racecourse yesterday and enjoyed seven and a half hours of observing the alternative, emo, and goth clans of the world that seem to come out of the woodwork in all their Devil-May-Care finery. Corsets, kilts, and bright pink hair notwithstanding, the carnival atmosphere of the place was infectious. There were tattoos of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The heavy bass of live rock music. I myself only have one small tattoo but I think that allows me to join the ranks of those that proudly bear body art. It was a truly magical day, filled with wonderful things that I never even dreamed of. Like:

A crow that tells it like it is.


Millie Dollar - the first burlesque show I have ever seen.


The best t-shirt in the world.

There were other things, but I didn't get pictures of them because I was too busy dancing on chairs and tables.

All in all, August 6, 2011 goes down in history as One of the Best Days of My Life, officially.

Happy Sunday all.


  1. Simple pleasures. REALLY liked you were dancing on tables! LOL! How did the bridal shop opening go?

  2. It went great! A photographer from one of our local newspapers came around and got at least sixteen pictures of everybody in various fun poses. A couple of my friends tried on wedding dresses and copious amounts of wine were had by all.