Sunday, 8 May 2011

Patiently awaiting June 1st

Like a G6?

(Just to keep you all updated on the progress of my novel, the rejection count: 6.)

Today I am looking so forward to my upcoming vacation that I have already begun packing. Or simulating packing. I have already dragged out the large piece of dusty luggage that I hope to take half empty and bring back completely full. I love shopping in the US because when the sales are on, the gettin's good.

I will be travelling to Alabama first, to visit my mother and her side of the family. They are in the deep south and so it will be a pleasant change from the norm. I get images in my head of a canoe, denim bib overalls, cane rocking chairs on a porch with people sitting in them chewing on pieces of straw. James Dickey's Deliverance. But I know it won't be like that. Dueling banjos are just a myth, right? Right?  It has been many, many years since I have seen my mom and so it will be a reunion of sorts. I wonder if I have been so British-fied that I will be lost in such Americanness; having survived for so long on PG tips and scones I don't know if I can go back to any other diet. (Oh wait, there's a Cracker Barrel? Yes!)

Complete with a raccoon

The BEST Buttermilk pancakes in the entire world

If I loved Cracker Barrel any more than I do now, I would not HESITATE to have it inked into my skin.
However I am not that brave. Perhaps it is only because having a large leaf of lettuce, mashed potatoes with butter and gravy, and a hearty slice of meatloaf permanently on my thigh would just make me hungry all the time. I just don't think my stomach could handle that. Plus, then I'd have to have other chain restaurants exhibited on my skin as well, like Olive Garden, Bravo's, Burger King and Pizza Hut. It would just never end.

Ah, Southern hospitality is the best. 


  1. I did a business stint for 8 weeks in the UK back in the 90's! Although I have many LOVELY things to say about the country and the people, the food was...not what I would call food by ANY stretch of the imagination. Bring on the Olive Garden and Cracker Barrel. Good luck publishing. Congrats on just getting it written. Have a safe trip!!!

  2. Hi Lil,

    I definitely know what you mean. It is kind of a shock to the system at first until you discover that food Mecca on the horizon... McDonald's! But now I have expanded my food-passion to embrace other things like pub grub, Zest Bar & Grill and a good old fashioned BBQ. Which I pretty much had to do otherwise I'd weigh about 800 lbs from eating nothing but McDonald's. But I will always love Olive Garden, Steak n Shake and Cracker Barrel! Thanks for the good luck in publishing and your congrats in writing... and I'm going via Amsterdam to the States so I'll try to skip the coffee shops on the way LOL. x

  3. Vee, Tried to post a comment the last few days but your comment thing was down? Anyway, here it is!

    We have a 24-hr Subway/Noble Romans within walking distance at the Shell Gas Station, they also have a huge selection of fresh Krispy Kreme donuts.. the other end of the road: Culvers! Yummy frozen custard, way better than what DQ has to offer. :)

    Unfortunately it being Sunday, our favorite Chinese place is closed - was so looking forward to it. Instead, Pizza Hut. This evening (or early in the morning) we'll be grocery shopping for much needed "no more going out for food" food. Haha.

    Anyway, I'm psyched for your trip to the states! Each day I grow ever more excited.

    23 Days left, yo!

    Love you.