Thursday, 13 January 2011

Red Red Wine

(Republic red dress by Miso / Primark tights / Primark boots)
I don't actually like red wine, but I do like Bob Marley. And this dress. This dress is like the red, red wine that feels so fine...
Red red wine I love you right from the start
Right from the start with all of my heart
This dress was a kind birthday gift from my team at work (thanks guys, you know just what I like). I plan on getting right in the ribs of my better half to see if he might take me out nice somewhere so I can wear it. McDonald's, anyone?
I have received in the post a brand new TYR swimsuit (which I will not model for anyone on this occasion because frankly, well, I just won't). Today I will don my swimsuit for the first time in absolutely way too long a while, and I plan on tearing up the lanes at Ponds Forge pool in Sheffield!  I was a butterfly pro back on the old school swim team many, many moons ago and I plan on seeing how these muscles fare today. Just like our minds, our bodies need a little exercising too, and these dark mornings and afternoons have gotten my quasi-Seasonal Affective Disorder out of whack. It's time to do something about it. Release those endorphins and bring on that chlorine!
Wish me luck everybody!


  1. I always wish you luck. did that son of mine take you out in this gorgeous dress he better have. When you are swimming do a couple extra lengths for me and I will let you know if it is working

  2. LOL no not yet but I'm sure he will soon. And for sure I did a couple extra lengths for you! x

  3. That dress (on you) is BETTER than a red, red wine (and I LOVE red wine). ;oD I love the trim around the neckline. VERY flirtatious.

  4. Why thanks! It's one of my faves. Just need to slim down and get another occasion to wear it! LOL